Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Recent Conversation

My husband and I have random conversations sometimes. Like the one about naming his new car. Yes we name our cars. Mine is Ingrid. She is a German stationwagon. It fits. I told him he should name it Sputnik or Gemini since it was small, zippy, and had toggle switches. Then we proceeded to comment on what may have been going through the heads of the dogs and monkeys sent up by Russia and the United States before the first human was launched into orbit. See.......random. Here is one of my favorite recent random conversation.

D: Honey I think I might have a blogging problem.
A: What? Are you posting too much, or reading too many blogs?
D: Both, but mostly reading. I think I need bloggers anonymous.
A: Oh yeah!? Well I saw an add for that. They have on-line meetings!
D: Really?
A: (giving sarcastic smile)
D: OH THANKS! Right....ha ha....on-line meetings for bloggers anonymous! Actually that is pretty funny!

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