Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The tomatoes are beginning to wither in the garden, as are the eggplant, but the broccoli and cauliflower are starting their journey to the family's table. A few weeks ago my dh steamed a large bouquet of deep green swish chard heaped with freshly sliced tomatoes. A little salt, a little butter and a lot of indulgence in the basic flavors of two tasty vegetables, that just hours before were resting peacefully in the ever changing garden.

As we move into fall, and the rhythm of our lives change, I am even more aware of what needs to change. My house is a mess. I have been attacking the various volcanoes of clutter that have erupted in my home. Unlike other volcanoes that my create lovely island paradises, these are purely destructive. My dining room has been taken over, and a lava flow of books, mail, and knitting supplies flows into the kitchen threatening to barricade the back door. These volcanoes did not spontaneously explode overnight. They grew in elevation and strength, slowly waiting to wreck havoc on the unmotivated inhabitants of this little home.

So now, my challenge is to tackle these and other volcanoes that have been allowed to grow. I admit I have been a bit lazy. I take responsibly for their creation. I also blame my husband. We have both suffered from procrastination, or as I call it "Thank-God-the-boys-are-asleep-finally-idis" In the evening, or during naps while the boys sleep, I should be able to manage the mess that has become unmanageable, but usually I just sleep, or knit, or vedge. Occasionally I read a blog, or blog myself. I know this isn't how I should be spending my time, not all of it anyway. If I could only spend some of the boys sleeping time awake and at work, I am sure I would be able to make a mole hill out of a few of these mountains.

And so as the garden changes around my home, I feel the need to make changes inside as well. I have unearthed my home management binder from the pile next to my computer. It deserves some of my time, as does the message center in the kitchen. I already have a schedule for cleaning the house, in which I deal with one room each day, and tackle any hot spots in the evening after the boys go to bed. I just need to make the cleaning schedule coincide better with the boys' schedule, and find some evening inspiration. And I need to wear my apron more. It really does help dressing for the job to be done.

Change does not come easy. It is my hope that the reward of having a cleaner, more organized home, and a happier husband, will make the work required for change easier.


Sarah Wirz-Fruit said...

Can I ask DH? Is this some kind of kitchen appliance? Where can I get one?!

Alison said...

DH = Dear Husband A very handy item to have around the house! Especially one that does kitchen work! But they have the habit of leaving socks every where!