Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year

At the onset of a new year, it seems like everyone begins to talk about life changes, resolutions, and new starts. Me, I'm just struggling to keep myself upright and moving forward. I have wanted the same things for quite some time, the new date on the calender changes nothing.

I want a well organized house. Hopefully this isn't as far off as it seems.
I want to be able to cook dinner every night, unless my husband wants to.
I want to have more time to knit, not just things from magazines, but my own designs. I also need time to get those down on paper before I forget them.
I want to be able to explore my love of photography.
I want to build a loving home that is a safe place for my family to grow in, go out into the world from, and be a safe place to return to.
I want to follow the path that the Father has set before me with faith, love and grace.
I want to live well.

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