Friday, October 9, 2009

Finding Time

There are a lot of excuses for not getting things done, not just the day to day tasks of dishes and washing cloth diapers, but the big things like re-painting the kitchen, bathroom, dining room etc... But the new curtains are mostly up in the dinning room, and the bathroom has its first coat of paint, and even a second on 3 walls. I've begun to realize that it really isn't about having enough time. There is plenty of time. What I have been lacking is enough energy and motivation. These things come from good nutrition, exercise and a good nights sleep. I know, not a revelation for the ages! Not a new concept. Just something that so many of us have a hard time putting into practice.

I get so caught up in taking care of my boys (husband and kids) that I forget to take care of myself! This might sound impossible to some people, or very familiar.... I didn't even realize it was happening! The other day my Dr. told me she thought I looked great, and I laughed, hard. She gave me a funny look and I responded "Its amazing what a bath and some new clothes will do for a girl!"

So recently it has been about finding the time for myself, for prayer, for exercise. The time spent on these simple things makes it seem like there is more time for the day-to-day.

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