Monday, January 18, 2010

Motherhood Monday

Recent Mondays have been filled with trips to the grocery store, the park and home baked bread. Today; nothing so adventurous. Instead I am happy to still be pregnant with a healthy baby, but frustrated that I will be on bed rest for the next 10 weeks or so. I still have 12 weeks left until due date on April 12th, but will be very happy to make it to 36 or 37 weeks. My twins were born at 37 1/2 weeks, were very healthy and went home 2 days after their birth.
Now, pregnant with one, I have been put on bed rest for a mild placental abruption. The risks involved with placental abruption include premature birth, fetal death, hemorrhaging and increased c-section rate among other things I would rather not think about. Unfortunately I have plenty of time to think about these and other things. Like the fact that I can't take care of the twins on a day to day basis. Although I will be at home for the next 10 weeks, the boys will be going to day care. This breaks my heart. They haven't been to day care, or even had many babysitters. A little time with Nana or an Auntie here and there, but nothing like 8 hours of day care!
I know that I will be doing what is best for my littlest one, and for my own health, but it doesn't mean it will be easy! I keep thinking about what my sister said... In a few months I'll hardly be able to remember what I was so worried about, and all I'll want is some quiet time to rest. I pray that is the case!

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Sarah Wirz-Fruit said...

I agree with the last few statements you made in this blog. "in a few weeks" you won't even remember why you were so stressed out. You and baby #3 will be fine! I have confidence.