Monday, February 23, 2009

icky slimy dirt

We have had a lot of rain here in CA lately which is great if you are a dry-land farmer, but presents a few problems if you are a stay-at-home mom of pre-school aged twins. After a couple weeks of steady rain any outside play time involves mud, or as Leo calls it, icky slimy dirt. It wasn't full on mud wrestling, but there has been mud tossing and a few attempts at eating mud pies. Hands have gotten quite dirty, and faces have been smeared with muddy streaks. Now, I'm not one of those moms who who freaks out over dirty hands and faces, so we played in the icky slimy dirt. After all, kids and clothes wash, and letting the boys play in the dirt and mud is preferable to me losing my sanity because I'm couped up in the house for a week with two active toddlers.

The Saturday before last, we had a break in the rain. It wasn't much, but enough of a break for me to run the boys out to the vineyard to play with Daddy, Fawpa and Aunt Sarah while I finished loading up the car (diaper bag and what not) for a trip to town to get groceries. When I got out to the vineyard, the boys were excited to see me and wanted to go to town. They really like driving the big truck shopping carts. Aunt Sarah and Daddy loaded the boys in the car while I took care of the big buggy stroller. I wasn't thinking about the fact that they were wearing muddy boots. About half way to town Leo said "icky slimy dirt" and Joseph answered "eat dirt". Now I had been looking back at them, as usual, smiling as they talked to each other and handed toys back and forth. What I didn't see was Leo pull mud off the bottom of his boot and shove it in his mouth. That is until he said "icky slimy dirt" and did it again. I pulled over as soon as I could, grabbed a spitty rag and said "No! Don't eat dirt!". Leo responded by spitting the dirt out, and then sticking his tounge out so I could wipe it, along with his mud streaked face and hands. I had thought ahead, and brought the little tennis shoes so the boots were quickly removed. I just didn't think they had to be removed before they became a muddy buffet! Now I know!

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