Friday, June 19, 2009

What am I doing here?

No, its not some existential question about the meaning of life or my place in the world, rather it is a question about my blog's place in the blog-0-sphere. What am I doing here, on this blog? I started it with the intention of using it to help inspire me to create a more loving christian home. I wanted to use it to reflect on my own thoughts, and those of other Christian moms in the blog-o-sphere. I also wanted to occasionally show off my knitting skills, as unimpressive as they are.

I have been trying to schedule my time, and have mentioned my Home Management Notebook before. I have schedules for everything from cleaning the kitchen to washing cloth diapers, to grocery shopping and trips to the park, but I do not have any time set aside for myself. I assume that after the boys go to bed, I will have time to myself, but that never works.

So I am going to create a schedule for blogging, and some of the thought, prayer and reflection that goes into it. I kept a journal all through college, and it was always very helpful when I would take the time to pray, reflect and write about what was stealing my motivation and time. If I didn't take the time, and did not put the proper thought and prayer into my journaling, it became a negative whine fest that only added to my deteriorating mood. Here is my attempt at more positive and thoughtful blogging about keeping myself connected with Christ and enjoying my role as a Catholic stay-at-home mom.

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