Monday, July 2, 2012

All in the Motherhood

I know, 2 blog posts in one week and its only Monday! Well, don't get used to it! I'm a hard working mom of 3 boys, then there is the dog, and the husband who brings home hay dust. Besides my usual cooking, cleaning, laundry and more laundry routine there are trips to the library, the grocery store and the park. Not to mention the unpacking from our recent move. The unpacking is not made any less stressful when I know we will most likely be packing up to move again in 12 to 18 months! Hopefully that will be our last move! Ever! We have picked out a couple of plans for modular homes and plan on building our own place that no one can ever sell out from under us! What a disaster that was! But it seems to all be working out and so I have to trust the good Lord on this one! I just don't like packing, moving all my packed belongings or unpacking! I think I'll stick with a cubist decorating motif for the next 12 to 18 months and save myself some work!
Among the monkey wrenches thrown at us with the sale of our old house (we had been renting a property just off the ranch for 18 months, so yes that will be 3 moves in 3 years with 3 little kids! Yikes!) is the boys schooling. For the last 5 years we have been driving by a wonderful little 3 room rural school with amazing teachers and a caring school board. My husband and father-in-law being 2 of the board member, well, my husband was one of the board members until we moved. He had to resign because we are about 1/4 to 1/2 mile out of district now. Which also means we need to get an inter district transfer. I really pray we are able to get the transfer without too may problems and on our knees begging. Since we are planning on building in the old district things should work out. We don't want to have to send them to one school for a year and then uproot them. If we don't get the transfer I think I will start formally homeschooling them. We are already a home that focuses on education. At 5 years old entering kindergarten the twins can read at a second to third grade level, count past 100, know all their shapes and colors (many in Spanish as well) and do basic addition and subtraction. I am very proud of them! Their little brother can say his alphabet, identify letters, count to 10 in two languages, knows most of his colors and shapes (including pentagon!) and loves to look at books! In a way I think it would be amazing to formally homeschool! It would be interesting to see how well my boys would do if I started using a classical curriculum and began their formal education! Either way, I am excited to see how the next year progresses for them, and for us as a family! So many opportunities out of what seemed like such a mess of unanswered prayers. Now if I can only find my husband's running watch, he would be so much happier. I know its in a brown box...

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