Thursday, January 10, 2013

Girl - O - Girl!

The last 5 months have been a roller coaster!

I am 20 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl! What energy I have left after growing a new human is being sapped by my 2 active kindergarteners and their very active, almost 3 year old not-so-little brother! (he is 41 lbs. and wearing a 4T!)

The twins are loving kindergarten and doing well at school. The little rural school is working out wonderfully, as they are teaching to the kids ability and not just their grade level. I also get to interact with the kindergarten teacher on a daily basis and with the other teachers on a regular basis. The teachers do not hesitate to call me during the day when a question arises, and are quick to let me know when someone gets in trouble. They like to have the parents as involved as possible. Very nice!

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